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Become a Robotic Education Provider

Start a trending business with a minimum investment of Rs. 25,000
Buy Materials -> Get Trained -> Get Advice -> Start Eductaing

About the Company

Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd is a Robotic Eductation Company owning various sub units under its belt namely Android Robo, Robo Station, My Robo Box, Robowiz and IIR.

Robo Station is an unit of Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd where we invite students to our Centres, give them individual care and train them on Robotics. So far we had trained over 1000 Students through Robo Station.

We found extreme high opportunity under Robo Station as the market size is huge and also Robotics is favoured by most of the Kids. So we thought of selling our Product, Service and Mode to create more Robotic Education Providers to groom more students.

Our Products

  • We Manufacture our own components
  • We have our own customized easy to use software - Robowiz using which even a 3rd Standard Kid can program Robots.
  • We conduct 3 Grades as of now. Developing further grades up to 6 Grades
  • 34 Pre-designed Robot models with steps to build
  • Strong Method of Teaching

About the Tie-up

Business Mode :

  • Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd will be called as the Company, the buying party (you) will be called as Education Provider
  • The Company will train the Education Provider and sell the needed robotic materials for the Education Provider to do Robotic Education as business

Tie-up Mode :

  • The Education Provider is not a Franchise or Business Partner or Branch to the company. The Company is going to Sell Product and Training to the Education Provider.
  • The Education provider will be a Certified Trainer of Robo Station.

Course Kit :

The Education Provider shall give a Book, Work Book and a Certificate as the Course Kit to the Students. The Course Kit is to be bought form the Company on joining of each students.

Investment :

No. of S1 Kit
Boxes (Box for Grade 1)
Total Initial Investment
1 Rs. 25,000
2 Rs. 35,000
3 Rs. 45,000
4 Rs. 55,000
5 Rs. 63,000

Training :

The company will provide four days of initial training to the Education Provider. The Training will cover:

  • Grade 1 Training to maximum two representatives or staffs of Education Provider
  • Method of Teaching
  • How to give quality education
  • How to market
  • How to counsel the walk-in parents
  • Demo Videos

Type of Course :

Course Type Duration
Fast Track Grade1 20 Hours
Grade 1 40 Hours

Fees to the Company :

The Education provider has to pay Rs.800 / Student to the company

This Fees is for :

  • Course Kit
  • Further Supports

Updated Product :

The Company currently have content until Grade 3 and will develop upto Grade 6. On the need, the Education Provider shall update its S1 box to S2 or S3 box. Only the upgrade cost has to be paid by the Education provider.