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Why Robotics ?

Robotics - not a distant technology or a genre of Hollywood movies. It's our future and hope of a better world. From space technology to nano technology, robotics is here to bring a change in every human's life. Convert this technology as a business opportunity. Embark on a business opportunity with robotics. Educate, elate and en-cash, this is what robotics brings to business.

The future of Robotics is calling, but do we have enough skilled force is the big question. Robotics with it's vast scope and field of applications need young technology oriented talents. Robots occupy nook and corner of our every day life. They are engaged in industries, mining, space technology, defence, medicine, disaster management & recovery, education, transportation and research. All this offer us an endless opportunity to learn and earn with this high potential and untapped market, join hands with Iwiz Android Robo, the forerunners of robotics education for the past five years

Iwiz Android Robo - a Profitable Venture

  • Effective and Successful business model
  • In-depth and latest curriculum
  • Efficient technology
  • Market leader and trendsetter
  • Cost effective yet world class quality
  • One time investment and a long term business
  • Building a tech savvy skilled workforce
  • Prime commercial location not required
  • Proven track record & promising future
  • Excellent returns & satisfaction
  • All the challenges and opportunities are already tested. You can explore the market from day 1

why IWIZ android robo...?

Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd is a multi-disciplinary robotics program that has specially tailored curriculum to teach young students about Robotics. The course can be taught from the basics to advanced levels. Robotics includes Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, S.T.E.A.M and Programming which encourages students to connect these disciplines. Students are asked to create their own Robot and in this process, they begin to learn through doing.

Iwiz Android Robo is the result of years spent on Research & Development, to develop Robotic Models and Curriculum which might inculcate Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, S.T.E.A.M and Programming skills amongst the students and also may induce Thinking, Observation, Analyzing and Creative Skills to cater to the future world.

why schools prefer IWIZ..?

  • No Inversement To Schools
  • Direct tie-ups for Curricular / Extracurricular course in 120+ schools
  • Conducted One day Workshops at various schools and colleges
  • Conducted Summer Courses at many Schools
  • Trained 2000 students directly while the Summer vacation
  • We have trained over 60,000 students on Robotics
  • More than 125 Business Association with schools speak about our quality and commitment for excellence
  • Assured Quality, Reliability and Expertise
  • Experienced staff and state of the art infrastructure provide the best robotics solution for a profitable business

Franchise Model

Role of Franchisee

Role of Franchisee

Role of Franchisor

Role of Franchisor

Commercials - What you pay

  • Franchise Initiating Fees
  • 15% Royalty on all incomes
  • Franchise renewal after three years
  • Franchiser Travel Expenses whenever applicable
  • Additional Marketing materials - if needed

Recurring expenditure

  •   Refundable deposit per Box - Rs.3,000
  •   Book set - Rs. 85 per set (Book, Work Book, Certificate)
  •   Rent - Rs.500 / box / month

Support from Us

  • Marketing Materials
  • Initial Marketing Training
  • Initial Technical Training
  • Process training
  • Help you to seek and find target audience
  • Kit Boxes
  • Business Model and Concept
  • Teaching method and methodology
  • Teaching manual
  • Training and systems on Quality Maintenance
  • Feedback and rapport building
  • Robowiz -Robotic Software
  • Book Materials
  • Brand
  • Guidance and Support
  • Sharing the testimonies and success stories
  • Technology

Brands you can promote

School Tie-up - Android Robo

Tap talent when they are young, network and engage with schools to form a successful partnership. Train and educate students with curriculum. 50% lesser investment and 50% greater revenue for every additional year of tie-up.

Centre - Robo Station

Add Value and Charisma to the existing Business Model. Bring in students to your place while the summer vacation for robotic classes. Use the already present Kits and Teachers to train them.

Centre Franchise - Robo Station

Enrol more Sub-Franchisees for Robo Station to earn more through Box Sales, Training and from the students enrolled by the Sub-Franchisee. Click here to know about Centre Franchise.

Box Sales - My Robo Box

Robotic kits are your answer to a simple and enthralling business network. Sell these creative kits to existing students.

Model are plenty and opportunities are plenty. Join us and grab them...!

Franchise Fee Structure

Type of Districts / Franchisees Franchise Initiating Fees Refundable amount from Franchise Initiating fees Freebies
Tier I* (Cities like Mumbai) Rs. 6,00,000/- + Tax Rs. 4,00,000/- 4 First Year Kit Box | 500 Brochures | 1000 Mailers | 10 set of Sample Books and Syllabus Books
Tier I Rs. 4,00,000/- + Tax Rs. 3,00,000/- 3 First Year Kit Box | 500 Brochures | 1000 Mailers | 10 set of Sample Books and Syllabus Books
Tier II Rs. 3,00,000/- + Tax Rs. 2,25,000/- 2 First Year Kit Box| 250 Brochures | 500 Mailers | 10 set of Sample Books and Syllabus Books
Tier III Rs. 2,50,000/- + Tax Rs. 2,00,000/- 1 First Year Kit Box| 100 Brochures | 250 Mailers | 10 set of Sample Books and Syllabus Books

Becoming a Franchisee - the process

Return on Investment

  • Like any business investment comes first. You invest only when you sign up a new school in the first year, there is no big investments on renewals.
  • Good Marketing in the first year is key to big profits, start off with as many schools possible to keep a steady income flow.
  • Scale-up only when you Grow-up model, so your additional expenses happen only when you get additional income through new school tie-ups.
  • Based on the School tied-up, Break Even within 14 to 24 months.
  • Earn big profits from 24th month (Probably from 21 to 25 months). You can settle in your life with enough number of schools.